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Retos de la educación ciudadana del siglo XXI: Implicaciones curriculares

  • Autores: Francisca Martín Molero
  • Localización: Revista española de pedagogía, ISSN 0034-9461, Vol. 56, Nº 209, 1998, págs. 51-72
  • Idioma: español
  • Resumen
    • Postmodern society features demand important changes to current education in view of the effects of some human activities. Since civic education is meant to be the key to changing long-established patterns of social behaviour and since it is this human behaviour responsible for most of the problems caused not only in the social environment but in the natural and technological as well some educational theories such as civic or environmental education, etc, have been studied as measures to solve these problems in the age of the human rights implementation. The article examines the state of affairs concerning these educational theories by reflective analysis with the purpose of finding out, on the one hand, interelationships between civic, environmental and global education and, on the other, basic implications for curriculum innovation at the beginning of the 21st century.

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