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Improved delamination resistance of thin-ply based laminates: an experimental and numerical study

  • Autores: Gerard Guillamet Busquets
  • Directores de la Tesis: Albert Turon Travesa (dir. tes.), Josep Costa i Balanzat (codir. tes.)
  • Lectura: En la Universitat de Girona ( España ) en 2016
  • Idioma: inglés
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  • Resumen
    • Departing from an emerging technology such as the spread tow thin-ply technology, in which the ply thickness can be significantly reduced, the overall purpose of this thesis is motivated by the industry need to better understand the potential benefits of thin-ply laminates in terms of delamination resistance and to propose predictive tools for their design. The first part of the thesis enhance the understanding of the damage mechanisms observed at the free-edge of thin-ply based laminate under different loading directions. The second part evaluates the capability of two current design approaches to predict the onset of free-edge delamination. Finally, a design procedure is established to search for the quasi-isotropic laminate with optimal delamination resistance under off-axis loads. The results of this thesis demonstrate the advantages of thin plies in delaying, or even suppressing the onset of damage mechanisms over standard ply laminates.

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