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Language Policy in Estonia

  • Autores: Mart Rannut
  • Localización: Noves SL.: Revista de sociolingüística, ISSN-e 1695-3711, Nº. 1-2 (primavera - estiu), 2004 (Ejemplar dedicado a: La política lingüística en els nous estats membres de la Unió Europea (I))
  • Idioma: inglés
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    • In this article, the author presents the current ethnic and sociolinguistic situation in Estonia, and the language policy that is being implemented to restore use of Estonian. Taking this approach, Mart Rannut describes the earlier language policy of Russianisation and the replacement of Estonian carried out by the former Soviet Union, and the specific measures now being taken to achieve normalisation of Estonian, especially in education and the new technologies. The article concludes with the prospects for the future of Estonian and its underpinning language policy, in the context of integration into the European Union.

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