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Maquiavelo y la racionalidad política

  • Autores: Juan Claudio Acinas Vázquez
  • Localización: Contextos, ISSN 0212-6192, Nº 15-16, 1990, págs. 7-24
  • Idioma: español
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    • The purpose of this article is, on one hand, to discern between Maquiavelo and a bequeathed image that continues to endure. On the other hand, some details on his political realism complete this approach and help us to discuss certain problems related to the tension between ethics and politics. Issue on which Maquiavelo's work represents a set of proposals extremely adequate to address matters such as the necessary mediation between ends and means, or the articulation of the different levels of political rationality, and its particular nature.

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