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Dominik Josef Wölfel: notas de un viaje de estudios a Francia, Portugal y España

  • Autores: Carmen Díaz Alayón, Francisco Javier Castillo Martín
  • Localización: Revista de Filología de la Universidad de La Laguna, ISSN 0212-4130, Nº 15, 1998, págs. 17-36
  • Idioma: español
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    • The Austrian ethnologist and linguist D. J. Wölfel (1888-1963) devoted most of his time and his energy to the study of the prehispanic Canaries.

      Almost all of this lifelong effort is contained in his major work Monumenta Linguae Canariae, which remains, up to now, as the highest and unsurpassed contribution to the study of the language spoken by the islanders at the time of the Spanish conquest. This paper deals with Wölfel’s research journey to France, Portugal and Spain during the three last months of 1932 and the two first months of 1933, and it is intended to be of some help to those interested in Wölfel’s biography and in his scientific legacy.

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