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Phenomenon of Education: Philosophical and Methodological Aspects of Research

  • Autores: Yuri V. Kryanev, Tatyana P. Pavlova, Daniil A. Kvon
  • Localización: Revista Amazonia Investiga, ISSN-e 2322-6307, Vol. 10, Nº. 39, 2021, págs. 102-116
  • Idioma: inglés
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    • The purpose of the work is to identify in the study of education, as a socio-cultural phenomenon, its functional and structural-organizational features at different historical stages of development and to analyze the relation of the concepts of "education", "science" and "intelligence". Methodology and research methods used in the study are the following: comparative analysis method, systematic approach, functional and cultural approaches and philosophical reflection. Key findings are the following: strategy of introducing new standards in the educational process in connection with the transition to digital reality requires changing the educational methodology and creating a new format for the development of teaching methods. The relation between the concepts of "methodology", "education" and "science" are ambiguous, their use is contextual. The main method of analysis of the study of functionality is philosophical reflection, which reveals their meaning and purpose. As a result of the study of the functional, structural and organizational features of education, the necessary object (material or spiritual) of research is created, where the relation between science and education is revealed. The question of the relation of research methodology and methods of the educational process becomes a question of the interactions of spirituality and science, values and knowledge.

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