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On the Conceptualization and Measurement of Attitudes Toward Play: The Webb Scale and the GOS

    1. [1] University of Nebraska
  • Localización: Sociology of sport journal, ISSN 0741-1235, Vol. 6, Nº. 4, 1989, págs. 380-390
  • Idioma: inglés
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    • The purpose of this paper is to analyze and comment upon recent developments in the measurement and conceptualization of attitudes toward play, or “game orientation.” Recent scholarly work has become critical of the traditional measurement instrument, the Webb Scale, focusing primarily on the issues of situational ambiguity and unidimensional artificiality. These critiques are analyzed in comparison with the conceptual and measurement approach offered by an alternative instrument, the Game Orientation Scale. It is concluded that the case in favor of the GOS and its Likert format is not as strong as it first appears. Until further research is conducted, the two competing approaches should be treated as of comparable methodological quality. Substantive and methodological recommendations for future research are offered.

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