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Ciudad, bien y participación

  • Autores: Franco Riva
  • Localización: Anuario filosófico, ISSN 0066-5215, Vol. 36, Nº 75-76, 2003 (Ejemplar dedicado a: Participación: entre Filosofía Y Política), págs. 221-246
  • Idioma: español
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    • The socio-political and metaphysical idea of participation seem to be distant and perhaps contrasting. But the ancient controversy about the names of the good (and the being) -univocal, equivocal, analogous- appears to be both metaphysical and political: having to deal with the multiplicity of the human, the question of unity and plurality of meanings cannot be dissociated from the discussion on the alternative models of human society (egalitarianism, individualism, participation).

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