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Sutureless colic anastomoses with cyanocrylates

  • Autores: Inmaculada Sánchez-Matamoros Martín, Luis-Cristóbal Capitán-Morales, María Dolores Sánchez-Matamoros Martín, José María Ortega Bebía, F. Oliva Mompeán
  • Localización: Revista española de investigaciones quirúrgicas, ISSN 1139-8264, Vol. 14, Nº. 1, 2011, págs. 27-32
  • Idioma: inglés
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    • BACKGROUND AND AIMS. The present research project has been made mainly with the idea of comparing the tensile strength values and histological answers of three types of colon anatomises: sutured with silk and sutureless anastomoses with 2-octylcyanocrylate and N-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate.

      METHODS. 112 Wistar rats distributed into three groups of 35 animals and a last control group of 7 have been used for this.

      Group 1: silk, group 2: 2-octyl-cyanocrylate, group 3: N-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate, group 4: Control group. The following surgical interventions were practiced on them: A cross section of the colon, followed by: group 1: an end-to-end discontinuous suture anastomoses with Silk; group 2: sutureless anastomoses with 2-octyl-cyanocrylate; group 3: sutureless anastomoses with N-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate. On the 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th and 50th days we proceeded to measure the anastomoses' tensile strength value for each series. In the same period of time we carried out the following anatomic-pathological determinations:

      a) sharp inflammation; b) oedema; c) non-specific chronic inflammatory infiltrate; d) granulomatous inflammatory infiltrate to foreign bodies; e) fibrosis.

      RESULTS. The results obtained indicate a greater anastomoses' tensile strength for group 2 and 3. The anatomic-pathological values show a better response to anastomoses with adhesives than with conventional sutures.

      CONCLUSIONS. All these experimental results lead us to conclude that the cyanocrilates used to carry out sutureless anastomoses may be an alternative to the handmade conventional anastomoses. Moreover they are easy to be implemented.

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