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"Mobbing": una propuesta exploratoria de intervención

  • Autores: María de la Fe Rodríguez Muñoz, J. A. Osona Miguel, A. L. Domínguez Martín, María Isabel Comeche Moreno
  • Localización: International journal of psychology and psychological therapy, ISSN 1577-7057, Vol. 9, Nº. 2, 2009, págs. 177-188
  • Idioma: español
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    • Mobbing or harassment at work, is a continued and incremental process that undergoes the person because reiterated negative conducts by his/her superiors or equal ones in the labour environment. The effects, which are produced on the person both emotional and psychosomatic levels, are not detected in the beginning, causing a deterioration of the person well-being in the long term. Indeed, when mobbing appears, processes of absenteeism, losses and turn over begin to take place, these issues could have palliate effects in the beginning, but in the long run if they are not abashed and confronted, could end in a deep malaise situation. This labour environmental upheaval must be undertaken with the aim to provide protocols of prevention, detection and treatment that minimize the costs they produce not only in the management but also in the personal level. In the present work it has been developed and applied a registered group program (9 sessions), which has obtained positive results, equipping the subjects for mechanisms in the recovery of their personal well-being, improving their levels of anxiety, depression, modifying their negative thoughts and carrying out a positive problem facing.

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