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¿Crisis de sentido o sensus fidei?: el dilema de la encíclica "Fides et ratio" ante el postmodernismo filosófico

  • Autores: Carlos Ortiz de Landázuri
  • Localización: Anuario filosófico, ISSN 0066-5215, Vol. 32, Nº 65, 1999, págs. 769-796
  • Idioma: español
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  • Resumen
    • The three major thesis according to Fides et Ratio, Encyclical of Jean Paul II, are analysed in order to answers the practical materialism of post-modern criticism respect Christian religion. The paper reflect over three question and put up a conclusion. 1) The religion ist a nonsense, later the methodological crisis of present time?; 2) All religion have a sense equally edifying, as defend the discursive Ethics?; 3) The Christianity will have sense in the near millennium, or he will be ruled by metaphysics nihilismus of postmodernity?; 4) Lastly, who must make out all this question: fundamental theology, philosophy of religion or critique of sense?

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