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Schleiermacher y la música

  • Autores: Gunther Scholtz
  • Localización: Anuario filosófico, ISSN 0066-5215, Vol. 29, Nº 54, 1996, págs. 169-194
  • Idioma: español
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  • Resumen
    • Schleiermacher and music.- In the thought of Schleiermacher music and the Christian religion are intimately related, and both reinforce the idea that in the human being the individual nature is part of a necessary whole, humanity. A knowledge of this truth (i.e. the "higher self-awareness" which leads to science, philosophy, and so on) also arises through a feeling, a feeling which music can and does express and communicate. Music, then, like philosophy, would thus be able to express our true essence in its expression of this "higher self-awareness"

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