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The measurement of ice velocity, mass balance and thinning-rate on Johnsons Glacier, Livingston Islans, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica

  • Autores: C. Fernández de Gamboa, J. Calvet, J. Corbera, L. Ximenis, G. Furdada, J. Enrique
  • Localización: Acta geológica hispánica, ISSN 0567-7505, Vol. 34, Nº 4, 1999, págs. 403-410
  • Idioma: español
  • Resumen
    • A network of twenty stakes was set up on Johnsons Glacier in order to determine its dynamics. During the austral surmmers from 1994-95 to 1997-98, we estimated surface velocities, mass balances and ice thickness variations. Horizontal velocity increased downstream from 1 m a-l near the ice divides to 40 m a-l near the ice terminus. The accumulation zone showed low accumulation rates (maximum of 0,6 m a-l (ice), whereas in the lower part of the glacier, ablation rates were 4,3 m a-l (ice). Over the 3-year study period, both in the accumulation and ablation zones, we detected a reduction in the ice surface level ranging from 2 to 10 m from the annual vertical velocities and ice-thinning data, the mass balance was obtained and compared with the mass balance field values, resulting in similar estimates. Flux values were calculated using cross-section data and horizontal velocities, and compared with the results obtained by means of mass balance and ice thinning data using the continuity equation. The two methods gave similar resuits.

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