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Towards a theory of the aesthetic properties of persons

  • Autores: Carold S. Gould
  • Localización: Contrastes. Suplemento, ISSN 1136-9922, Nº. 17, 2012 (Ejemplar dedicado a: Estética e interculturalidad : relaciones entre el arte y la vida / Rosa María Fernández Gómez (ed. lit.), Luis Puelles Romero (ed. lit.), Eva Fernández del Campo (ed. lit.)), págs. 157-169
  • Idioma: inglés
  • Resumen
    • This article argues that aesthetics needs to include a theory ofthe aesthetic properties of persons, which should be an important theme in the study of everyday aesthetics. Traditionally, aesthetic theorists ha ve assumed that aesthetic properties can be predicated of artworks and natural things. This article argues that persons, not merely their bodies, have aesthetic properties and that aesthetic properties of persons require a different ontological analysis. Sorne examples of aesthetic properties are glamour, grace of manner, magnetism, charm, and wit. These are not properties ofthe personas body, but rather they are properties ofan embodied person who inhabits a sociological space anda polis.

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