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Resumen de The effects of chronic administration of captopril on the mouse median eminence

Agustín Lorenzo Castañeyra Perdomo, Emilia María Carmona Calero, M. del M. Pérez Delgado, Herminia Calixta Pérez González, Norberto Marrero Gordillo, Romualdo Ferres Torres

  • The effects of Captopril (an angiotensinconverting enzyme inhibitor) on the median eminence (ME) of the male albino mouse have been examined using morphometric and immunohistochemical procedures. We measured the nuclear area of the ependymocytes of the ME and of the glial cells of the reticular external zone of the ME. We also determined the cell/neuropil coefficient (CNC), which expresses the relation between cellular area and neuropil of the ME, and the global volume of the ME in each animal. For the immunohistochemical study we used rabbit antiarginine-vasopressin, and compared the results in the different groups of mice. We detected an increase in the immunoreactive material (arginine-vasopressin, A-V) and an increase in the global volume of the organ and also an increase of the neuropil of the ME after the longest exposure to the drug. These alterations could be related to the inhibition of the brain angiotensin II by captopril and the accumulation of vasopressin in the fibrous tract that runs from the para ventricular nucleus (PVN) to the neurohypophysis.

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