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Resumen de Middle Education and continuity of education in Uruguay: A case study

Alejandra Albornoz, María Cristina González, Malena Domínguez González, Mariela Baccino, Schubert Rodríguez, Sheyla Tarde

  • The following work describes the Social Representations from the involved actors in a vocational educational experience. The vocational educational experience aims to motivate the continuation of the education of young adults in a rural location in Uruguay. Through the Social Representations build by the social actors it is sought to know if the re-attachment process for the young adults to the educative system was effective. We used a case study; by using a semi structured interviews we gather the information and studied with Content Analysis. The results show that the young adults feel they are part of the process; they respond with interest and obtain satisfactory performance on their respective educational levels. Behind the success of this educational experience there is a diversification of the curriculum; didactic work from a strong group of teachers and the presence of social networks.

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