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Evaluation and analysis of the urban air pollution by means of the use of geostatistical techniques and geographical information systems (sig)

  • Autores: Fernando López Rodríguez, Francisco Jesús Moral García, Pablo Valiente González
  • Localización: Selected Proceedings from the 13th International Congress on Project Engineering: Badajoz, July 2009, 2010, ISBN 978-84-614-0185-7, págs. 227-234
  • Idioma: inglés
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    • To evaluate and control the pollution in an urban area, diverse graphic representation techniques should be used to map the spatial patterns of the studied pollutants. This is a complex task, which is only feasible if a spatial correlation of the variable of interest is identified. Moreover, the small scale spatial distribution is unusually determined, despite it is fundamental to make a decision from an environmental point of view.

      In this work, the link between the Geographic Information System and Geostatistics is proposed to generate pollution maps in urban areas, in which the spatial distribution patterns have high resolution to provide the variability at small distances.

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