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Transcendental deduction of predicative structure in Kant and Brandom

  • Autores: Sebastian Rödl
  • Localización: Pragmatics and cognition, ISSN 0929-0907, Vol. 13, Nº 1, 2005 (Ejemplar dedicado a: The Pragmatics of Making it Explicit On Robert B. Brandom), págs. 91-108
  • Idioma: inglés
  • Resumen
    • Fregean predicates applied to Fregean objects are merely defined by a ¿timeless¿ deductive order of sentences. They cannot provide sufficient structure in order to explain how names can refer to objects of intuition and how predicates can express properties of substances that change in time. Therefore, the accounts of Wilson and Quine, Prior and Brandom for temporal judgments fail ¿ and a new reconstruction of Kant¿s transcendental logic, especially of the analogies of experience, is needed.

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