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Etica, ciencia y ambiente: reflexiones sobre la acción humana, el poder desenfrenado de la ciencia y la técnica, y la vulnerabilidad del hombre y la naturaleza

  • Autores: Elda Tancredi
  • Localización: Theomai: estudios sobre sociedad, naturaleza y desarrollo, ISSN-e 1515-6443, Nº. 11, 2005
  • Idioma: español
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  • Resumen
    • Faced to Global Environmental Change, Ethics is applied to new (and old) questions, specially if we take into account the three dominating problems modern science has to face today: criticism to the possibility of the existence of an objective, universal and necessary truth, in favor of the existence of multiple interpretations and the recognition of other means of knowledge and the necessary intercultural dialogue; criticism of totalitarianism in a wide sense, in favor of necessary democratic consensus and politic pluralism; and the criticism to an universal concept of ¿good¿ which crushes plurality of opinions, in favor of certain ethical criteria of peaceful co-existence, based upon mutual respect. Besides, a debate where modern western notions of nature and human practices in relation to the environment are questioned appears and forces a revision of the bases of our civilization process and a re-examination of the social representation of the relation society-nature.

      In this paper, Hans Jonas¿s proposal of a new ethics in present time for future is remarked, based in human responsibility towards society nowadays, society in future and nature, due to uncertainty caused by science and technique advance and power.

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